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Median planting rules for residents

Recently, several well-meaning residents planted shrubs on the medians along Island Way. Unfortunately these shrubs will be removed, and we would like to explain the reason to our residents.

The IECA and the City of Clearwater share responsibility for maintaining the Island Way medians under a long-standing “Adopt A Park” agreement. Island Estates benefits from sharing the maintenance costs with the city through this arrangement. In order to have the city’s assistance in maintaining the medians, planting designs must be approved by the Clearwater Parks and Recreation Department and other city agencies.

The IECA appreciates the good intentions of residents who have planted shrubs, but we have to comply with our agreement with the city. However, if residents are interested in "adopting" a median with neighbors and funding the planting of approved plants, the IECA would be happy to assist in submitting the plan to the city. We appreciates everyone’s understanding and cooperation.