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Be prepared for Hurricane Irma

Arriving this weekend

September 7, 2017 - The monster hurricane Irma with catastrophic winds and rain is bearing down on the entire state of Florida and will have a major impact on Clearwater Beach islands. Preparations should already be underway for your family and businesses to be ready for hurricane force winds (>75mph) this weekend. Here are a few websites to help with your last minute preparations. The following slide is current as of 9/7/17 9:00 am. Please note that the entire state of Florida is inside the "cone" and we are in the path wherever is goes!

114654 5day cone no line and wind


Helpful websites for weather and preparations:


National Weather Service 

National Hurricane Center

Florida Emergency Management

Pinellas County Emergency Management

Clearwater Emergency Preparedness


News from Clearwater Marine Aquarium for IECA members only- Parking available in the CMA garage.

  • For current Island Estates Civic Association (IECA) members ONLY. CMA has the current list of member families and only these families will be allowed to use the garage.
  • 135 parking passes will be issued to active IECA members at a first come first serve basis
  • One pass per family
  • Pick up passes at CMA ticketing tent anytime between 10AM and 5:30PM on Thursday 9/7 and Friday 9/8
  • If you are currently parked in the garage and do NOT have a parking pass you will be towed so please be sure to pick up your pass ASAP and display it on your dashboard
  • Garage will stay open until midnight on September 13th at that time you will need to remove your vehicle from the garage
  • You’re parking in the garage at your own risk

Be safe!

IECA Board of Directors


Welcome to the summer of 2017

Summer 2017, Island Estates - Clearwater Beach, Florida. Welcome to the summer of 2017. As many of us are enjoying the summer months here on the island or  vacationing in cooler climates or both, we find ourselves wishing that the 90 degree days and the weekend backups on the memorial causeway were behind us. It's a great time of year to enjoy all that island life has to offer, boating, swimming, barbeques and cool drinks, evening walks and the many restaurants and amenities on Clearwater Beach.

The Island Estates Civic Association Board of Directors takes the summer months off and will resume our monthly board meetings in September. As always if you need to reach out to us please visit our "contact" page on the website.


The 2017 IECA Membership cards are in the mail

2017IECA Card

Don't miss out on this years DISCOUNTS at Clearwater Beach restaurants, attractions and businesses. You'll find all the details on our Membership Benefits page.

NEW IECA Membership Benefit at CMA! Membership in IECA has it's benefits! Your IECA organization, in collaboration with our neighbor the Clearwater Marine Aquarium have teamed up for a super benefit for Island Estates residents and their families.

CMA is offering 50% off their membership packages ONLY for IECA members. Interested members can click here for membership packages and then contact Randi Baillie at CMA to purchase the special membership. Make sure you tell her you are an IECA member.

To join IECA online by clicking here. We're looking forward to seeing you! Thank you for your support of IECA.

Join the Island Estates Community Association and enjoy life more. 

The IECA is both a service and a social organization.  On the social side, we sponsor a number of events every year to bring the community together, including social events at Island Way Grill, the Spring Block Party, the Fall Fun Run and the Halloween Parade. 

Our current efforts and past achievements to provide needed services to the neighborhood include:

We help to make our island beautiful

  • After a two-year effort, secured a $14,000.00 grant from the City of Clearwater to improve landscaping at the entry and Island Way medians
  • Maintain the landscaping and flower beds at the entrance to Island Estates
  • Last year negotiated an agreement with the City to have them maintain the Island Way medians north of the entrance, providing huge cost savings
  • Maintain and replace the American Flag at the neighborhood entrance, and provide flag lowering on appropriate occasions, including a 9/11 ceremony
  • Install and store a fabulous holiday light display at the neighborhood entry from Thanksgiving to New Year’s each year

Keep our causeway clean

  • Host four Memorial Causeway cleanup days every year as part of our agreement with the City to “adopt” the trail from the Memorial Causeway Bridge to the Mandalay Channel Bridge

Work to keep our residents safe and preserve our property values

  • Have an assigned liaison officer from the Clearwater Police Department who attends all Board meetings and provides updates on crime reports and crime prevention programs
  • Interface with numerous City departments to keep Island Estates residents informed of code changes, new projects like the bridge repairs, property development applications and other issues of interest to the Island
  • Maintain strong communications and good working relations with the Mayor, City Council, and other officials at the City
  • Respond to questions and concerns about conditions that may be code violations and interacting directly with the City Code Enforcement department to correct violations where needed

Keep residents informed

  • Provide an up to date website with information about the IECA and the neighborhood, and email newsletters with current information about the neighborhood, the City and the beach community of interest to our residents
  • Act as representatives of Island Estates at the Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition and the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce
  • Host an annual Town Hall Meeting each November to elect officers and directors, to provide in person presentations about current events and to inform the residents about our budget and accounting for the use of funds paid by our members during the year

Engage our community

  • Provide promotional opportunities for Island Estates businesses
  • Deliver welcome baskets to new Island Estates residents
  • Hold an annual island-wide, neighborhood garage sale, promoted by running advertising in local media

Hold events that bring neighbors together

  • Spring and winter IECA member socials at Island Way Grill
  • Spring Block Party
  • Fall Fun Run
  • Halloween Parade

The IECA exists for you, the residents of Island Estates. We are happy to be here, and we are always looking for volunteers who can help us achieve even more! If you are interested, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IECA Membership has even more benefits!

With your IECA Membership card, you can receive discounts from local restaurants and businesses. For complete details, CLICK HERE

To join the IECA, CLICK HERE

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